.JEMBook Publishing Company is the publisher of Better That 100 Witches Should Live, an in-depth study of Thomas Maule's acquittal on charges of seditious libel in 1696 by a jury of his fellow citizens in Salem, Massachusetts. The outcome in this criminal proceeding influenced the development of what the author describes as the freedom of religious expression. By successfully arguing that his criticism of the Puritan theocracy, including its mismanaged witchcraft crisis, was merely a natural expression of his Quaker religious beliefs Thomas Maule contributed significantly to the First Amendment right of American citizens to express their religious beliefs even when their utterances are critical of political authorities.

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     JEMBook Publishing Company holds the distribution rights for two other books, The History and Genealogy of the Maules (1981), and A Zappone Family History (1986), both limited edition publications. Only a few author's proofs of the former book are available. For further information, send email to the publisher.