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Unpublished Manuscripts

Cope, Gilbert, MAULE (Sept. 27, 1917) (unpublished manuscript,
     photocopy on file with author)
Maule, James W., Sketch of Maule Family History (1964) (unpublished
     manuscript, photocopy on file with author)
Maule, Joshua Baldwin, Reasons for the Necessity of Silent Waiting
     (1868) (unpublished manuscript, in collections of Friends
     Hist. Libr., Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.)
Staff, Essex Institute, Salem Property Owned by Thomas Maule (1988)
     (unpublished manuscript, photocopy on file with author)
Stratton-Maule Papers (unpublished manuscripts, in Rec. Group 5,
     Friends Hist. Libr., Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.)


Letter from John S. Griffiths, Genealogist, to James Edward Maule
     (Dec. 16, 1980) (on file with author)
Letter from John S. Griffiths, Genealogist, to James Edward Maule
     (July 23, 1980) (on file with author)
Letter from Florine [Florence (Shapleigh) Maule, wife of Ethelbert
     Rounds Maule] to Alice [probably Alice Leora Maule, daughter
     of Evert Jansen Price Maule] (Aug. 9, 1955) (photocopy on file
     with author)
Letter from John P. Maule, Balerno, Scotland, to James Edward Maule
     (Aug. 1, 1982) (on file with author)
Letter from John P. Maule, Balerno, Scotland, to James Edward Maule
     (July 26, 1981) (on file with author)
Letter from John P. Maule, Balerno, Scotland, to James Edward Maule
     (July 2, 1981) (on file with author)
Letter from John P. Maule, Balerno, Scotland, to James Edward Maule
     (May 20, 1981) (on file with author)

Government and Other Official Records

Salem, Mass. Town Records, vol. 2 (Essex Inst. 1868-1913)
Records of Salem, Mass., Monthly Meeting of Friends (microform, in
     collections of Friends Hist. Libr., Swarthmore College,
     Swarthmore, Pa.)
New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Reg., vol. 7, 85 (1853)
Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. 2, 73 (1860)

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