A 300-Year Old Story ... Reminiscent of Today's Headlines

A self-selected Church-State elite persecutes dissenters.....
     While trying to impose its views on the Citizenry.

So an outspoken Quaker criticizes the Massachusetts Establishment
     for its religious persecution and intolerance, its hypocrisy,
     and its management of the Witchcraft Crisis.

But though he is arrested and tried for seditious libel, he is
     acquitted by a Puritan jury that disregards the Court's
     direction to convict and agrees with his principal argument:
        Governments and Courts Have No Right to Suppress
                Expressions of Religious Belief

This triumph of an Individual's Liberty over a coercive Theocracy is recounted and analyzed in


The 1696 Acquittal of Thomas Maule of Salem, Massachusetts,
on Charges of Seditious Libel
and Its Impact on
The Development of First Amendment Freedoms
Written by James Edward Maule,
Better That 100 Witches Should Live includes: Summary of Contents:
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